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my coachINg philosophy

  • Personalized: As a coach I will discuss with you your personal goals, experience and time line to help create the best plan while also taking into consideration the mental and physical demands of what you most want to achieve. Every workout is valuable and designed specifically with you in mind. I know every single person is unique in their situations, whether it’s raising a family, working long hours, balancing friends and fun with training or whatever else life throws at you. All of this and more is taken into consideration when creating your personalized and purposeful plans.


  • Safety: This is one of my utmost priorities when working with you. Even minor injuries can wreak havoc on your training and living up to your full potential as a runner. With this in mind I plan so that you do not run the risk of injury from training too often or too hard or getting burned out. This goes hand in hand with my philosophy on versatility and making sure to plan the appropriate amount of strength training and core workouts, in addition to a combination of more and less challenging runs and cutback weeks, recovery runs, and sustainable mileage.  


  • Versatility: Regardless of what your ultimate goal is, be it a full marathon, a high speed sprint or to make it all the way through your first 5K, you must make sure to have a versatile and well-rounded base. This includes strength training, aerobic capability and speed. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned runner there is always room for improvement in these areas and my philosophy concentrates on these three important facets of running.  


  • Fun: You can’t do your best if you’re not having fun! Of course training is hard work, but a happy runner will always do much better than an unhappy runner. It is of extreme importance for me to help you achieve a balance of enjoyment and hard work in your workouts where you will shine and flourish.


  • You are a Person First, Then a Runner: Every workout I will create for you will have a well-researched method behind it created by the best minds in running going back decades. The training you will receive will be the ultimate balance of being practical and fun while also achieving your goals. 


  • Running Should Be Enjoyable, Even if you have race goals: A happy runner runs well. In order to foster enjoyment, I consider your strengths, your preferences, and more to foster a plan that you both enjoy and thrive in.


  • Science: Running is both an art and a science. Each workout you receive has a specific, scientifically-supported purpose. My training does not follow trends, but rather adheres to the time-tested knowledge of some of the greatest minds in running. My training plans take a pragmatic approach to achieving your goals while still maintaining a sense of fun and joy in your training.

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